ACCO & ISSP Are Bringing Our Communities of Practice Together

Announcing the Global Congress for Climate Change & Sustainability Professionals

Why We Are Coming Together to Take Action & What You Can Expect


The Global Congress for Climate Change & Sustainability Professionals is a first-of-its-kind opportunity for professionals in any field to advance their occupation in a number of ways. Bringing together climate change and sustainability professionals, this Congress offers you the chance to come together for discussions specifically centered around making certain occupational advances.

The Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) and the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) have partnered together for this unique convening … we are better together!

Be a part of this Congress for the chance to address:

  • enhancing your own professional stature,

  • establishing practice standards,

  • streamlining climate change and sustainability into planning, design and decision-making

  • advancing credentialing,

  • improving your ability to communicate with leadership and relevant stakeholders,

  • elevating leadership positions for yourself and your peers,

  • increasing recognition of the value of your field, and

  • informing improvements to decision-support and technical resources.

What you’ll gain - Take action for climate change

A key driver for this Congress is the chance to make strides with peers on on common battles, gaps or goals in elevating your own stature and the overall field of practice. The value you’ll gain at this year’s Congress goes beyond any other convening in the green space.

We are better together, and you have an important opportunity to be a part of is a community of leaders and stakeholders whom you can truly collaborate with and learn from all in one place in a series of facilitated and interactive face-to-face meetings.

At the Global Congress for Climate Change and Sustainability Professionals, you will have two communities of practice joining forces to prepare practitioners for success in achieving their career objectives and achieving climate change and sustainability goals.

There has never been a time more urgent than now to converge with your peers across sectors. Climate change is not coming tomorrow, it is happening now. Our sustainable development goals need to be implemented today.

We need to arm our communities and businesses with the leadership and workforce needed to successfully tackle these challenges — the Global Congress for Climate Change & Sustainability Professionals will spur that on.

Who are your climate change and sustainability experts?

ACCO and ISSP are two organizations and communities of practice both of whom have extensive knowledge and influence in the climate and sustainability sectors. Our communities consist of climate change and sustainability professionals share a passion for future success in their professional endeavors, their organization’s initiatives and for the rapidly expanding fields of practice.

We have gathered some of the best and brightest leaders from our respective communities to establish a planning council that will shape this important Congress. Their presence and participation at this Congress will anchor a broader group of professionals coming together to collaborate with high-level stakeholders and individuals from diverse backgrounds and multiple sectors to make meaningful progress together on advancing the fields of climate change and sustainability.


The Association of Climate Change Officers is the premier professional development organization and cross-sector community of practice. Specifically for individuals addressing climate change in their organizations’ operations and mission, an ACCO membership fosters collaboration with leading edge practitioners, policy makers, climate scientists and researchers to advance solutions and build capacity in addressing climate change.

Among many other things, one can expect a diverse community of peers which includes thought leaders and decision makers across multiple sectors and industries. Members collaborate through online training and at in-person events that cover a range of topics including climate change preparedness, supply chain management, energy strategies, organizational change, and emerging policy.

ACCO’s original and third party research allows members to constantly be growing and participating in the latest climate change capacities while credentialing through the Certified Climate Change Professional® program takes it even one step further.

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The International Society of Sustainability Professionals envisions a world where sustainability is standard practice.

Working to do this by empowering professionals to advance sustainability in organizations and communities around the globe, this professional association improves the skills of sustainability practitioners through education, knowledge sharing, research, and professional credentials.

Individuals join ISSP to be a part of a professional organization building individual and collective knowledge in the highly dynamic and constantly developing field of sustainability.  In-person and virtual member events provide networking opportunities with sustainability professionals across all industries and sectors around the globe. Organizations join ISSP to make a visible commitment to advancing global sustainability, bring their services and knowledge to ISSP members, and provide individual memberships for their staff.

Webinars, online courses, a sustainability professional certification, sustainability professional’s body of knowledge, special reports, resource directories, salary surveys and the ISSP Sustainability Professional Certification Program are just a sampling of the vast range of content offered to members.

The location for the Congress is …

ACCO and ISSP have chosen Chicagoland as the location for this year’s Congress. The Westin Northwest will serve as the venue.

Chicago is ideally situated in the center of the United States, making it convenient for out-of-town attendees to fly in from anywhere in the country, and is a hub airport for international travel. Aside from its location, a leadership group of practitioners in the region have already stepped up to support the Congress. The city has also poised itself in a position to build climate change resilience and sustainable infrastructure and practices that is further ahead of many other major cities in the country.

See you there

See you in Chicago December 9 - 12 at The Westin Chicago Northwest, with convenient access to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport for an event that ACCO and ISSP are confident will bring the best and brightest climate change and sustainability professionals from .

Discuss, plan and implement goals that will help you advance you on your own climate change and sustainability career path, as well as to elevate those around you. The time is now to come together as a field to achieve sustainable, healthy, secure and prosperous communities and businesses. Are you ready to take action?