While building and developing meaningful connections at the Congress, you will discuss goals, gaps and challenges faced by practitioners across sectors, and will emerge with a cohort of peers in who will achieve personal and institutional success together. 

Why now?

Climate change is an increasingly urgent challenge — the time for modest measures has passed. In every sector, region and occupation, in every business and every community, bold actions driving the unprecedented transformation needed to overcome this challenge will never be more timely than now.

We look forward to welcoming you and hundreds of your colleagues and peers in Chicagoland as we come together for discussions on:

  • enhancing your own professional stature;

  • establishing practice standards;

  • streamlining climate change and sustainability into planning, design and decision-making;

  • advancing credentialing;

  • improving your ability to communicate with leadership and relevant stakeholders;

  • elevating leadership positions for yourself and your peers;

  • increasing recognition of the value of your field; and

  • informing improvements to decision-support and technical resources.

Join us at the Global Congress for Climate Change & Sustainability Professionals and
we’ll come together and rise up as a stronger community of practice.