Track A: Elevating the Climate Change & Sustainability Occupations

Visibility, investment, influence — All of these have increased exponentially for climate change and sustainability professionals in every sector, yet too often we remain marginalized and under-resourced. How can we increase our impact as individuals and as a profession? What can we do together to advance our status and role in organizations?

Track B: Integrating Climate Change & Sustainability into Other Occupations

Education, integration, collaboration — We can't do it alone. The interconnectedness, scale and urgency of climate change and sustainability challenges requires practitioners to build coalitions from every profession and function. What are the best approaches to showing our colleagues how our concerns are connected to their own, thus accelerating progress on all fronts?

Track C: Shaping the Market Demand for Professionals & Practices

Quantification, translation, demonstration — Climate change and sustainability professionals deliver incalculable benefits to society and our individual organizations, yet must always "make the business case" using formulas and terms designed for a carbon-carefree world. What are some approaches we can take to meet decision-makers where they are and lead them to new understandings of value that are essential to our success as individuals and organizations?

Track D: Advancing Decision-Support Resources & Tools

Accuracy, utility, credibility — Our practitioners are forced to rely on tools and data that are incomplete, conflicting, hard to use and unfamiliar to non-experts. We don't have the luxury of time to make them perfect, but must make them good enough to inform weighty decisions. So how should we balance the risk of inaction versus using imperfect analysis? And how can we act, learn and improve?

Track E: Addressing Critical Social Challenges: Public Health, Equity & Inclusion

Ethics, values, responsibility — All credentialed and licensed professions embed a moral compass to guide practitioners in their work. For climate change and sustainability experts, the stakes could not be clearer, or higher. So how should we use our skills to save the most precious elements of our planet and humanity?